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Below please find the publications for the NCERA-194 Research on Cooperatives Annual Meeting held on December 12-13, 2000.

Julie Hogeland, "Local Cooperatives' Role in the Identity-Preserved Grain Industry"

Eric Thor, "The Southwest Cooperatives and Producer Associations Research"

Francisco Diaz-Hermelo, Edward Smith, Allan Gray, "Modeling Members Response to Farmer Owned Alternative Capital Management Strategies."

Michael D. Bailey and Thomas L. Sporleder, "The Real Options Approach to Evaluating a New Generation Cooperative"

Ken Duft and Erica Brueckner, "Patron Demand Deposit Account Financing:  An Update."

Bruce Reynolds, "Cooperative Principles as Constraints for Public Goods Production"

David Trechter and Robert P King, "An Analysis of the Relationship between Communications Policies and Member Commitment to Cooperatives."

Evert Van der Sluis and Paula Loewe, "The South Dakota Soybean Processors Cooperative:  Socioeconomic Impacts."

Lisa Mancino,"How Consumer Characteristics and Preferences Influence Structural Options:  A Study of Twin City Natural Food Co-ops."

Sanjib Bhuyan,"An Examination of Member and Non-member Issues in Fruit and Vegetable Marketing Cooperatives in the Mid-Atlantic/Northeast Region."

Jennifer Vandeburg, Joan Fulton, Susan Hine, and Kevin McNamara, "Driving Forces and Success Factors for Strategic Alliances, Joint Ventures, Mergers, and Acquisitions among Local Cooperatives."

Brad Gehrke and James Matson, "Is a National Pork Marketing Cooperative Viable?"

Peter Goldsmith and Hamish Gow, "Group Action and One-one Marketing in Agriculture:  An Oxymoron?"


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