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Below please find the publications and presentations for the NCERA-194 Research on Cooperatives Annual Meeting held on October 29, 2003.

Fabio R. Chaddad and Michael L. Cook, "The Emergence of Non-Traditional Cooperative Structures: Public and Private Policy Issues"  

Constantine Iliopoulos, "Long-term Financing in US and European Agricultural Co-operatives: Emerging Methods for Ameliorating Investment Constraints"

David Trechter, "A Neo-Institutional Assessment of Cooperative Evolution: Comparing the Australian Wheat Board and the Fonterra Dairy Group"

David Barton, "Can Local Cooperatives Survive the Impact of Farmland's Bankruptcy?"

Dave Hahn, JoAnne Paynter and Tom Sporleder, "Mutual Funds as Potential Source of Equity Capital for Traditional Ag Co-ops"

James Baarda, "Current Law and Economics Debates: Tools for Assessing Fundamental Cooperative Changes?"

Peter Goldsmith and Karen Bender, "Ten Conversations About Identity Preservation: Implications for Cooperatives"

Bruce Anderson and Brian Henehan, "What Gives Cooperatives a Bad Name?"

Kim Zeuli, Elizabeth Howard, Brian Gould and Bob Cropp, "The Future Viability of the Federated Structure"



Julie Hogeland, "How Culture Drives Economic Behavior in Cooperatives"

Phil Kenkel, "Post Merger Financial Performance of Oklahoma Cooperatives"

James Pritchett and Sue Hine, "A Warehouse Expansion for Potato Marketing Cooperatives"

Bruce Reynolds, "Selection and Compensation of Farmer Cooperative Directors - A Statistical Analysis"

Joan Fulton, "Producer Investment in Value-Added Business"


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