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NCERA-194 Home > NCERA-194 Publications > 2005 Publications and Presentations

Below please find the publications and presentations for the NCERA-194 Research on Cooperatives Annual Meeting held on November 8-9, 2005.

Michael Boland. "Status of Cooperative Classes in the U.S." presentation

Scott Boyd, Michael Boland and David Barton. "Analyzing Determinants of Profitability and Persistence of Profitability in Local Grain Marketing and Farm Supply Cooperatives" presentation

Rodney B. Holcomb and Phil Kenkel. "The Thrill of Victory and the Agony of Defeat: A Comparison of Two Value-Added Cooperative Equity Drives" presentation

Jennifer Keeling Bond. "Linkages Between Cooperative Performance and Board of Director Characteristics: A Quantitative Investigation" presentation

Kalogeras, N., Pennings, J.M.E. Dijk van G., and I.A. van der Lans. "Modeling the Effects of Heterogeneity on Producers' Preferences" presentation

Phil Kenkel and Rodney Holcomb. "Energizing a Cooperative Class with Cooperative Feasibility Software" paper

Phil Kenkel and Rodney Holcomb. "Energizing a Cooperative Class with Cooperative Feasibility Software" presentation

Pablo Pincheira and Kimberly Zeuli. "Cooperatives and Area Yield Insurance: A Theoretical Analysis" paper

Shermain Hardesty. "Impacts of the Conversion of Diamond Walnut Growers" presentation

Tony Crooks. "The Role of Information Technology in the Fuel Ethanol Industry" paper

Kimberly Zeuli and Andrea Bentancor. "The Effects of Cooperative Competition of Member Loyalty" paper

Susan Hine and James Pritchett. "Opportunities and Insights for Cooperative Board Education" presentation

James Pritchett and Susan Hine. "Financial Characteristics of Top Performing Cooperatives" presentation

Bruce Reynolds. "A Property Rights Approach to Preserving Subsidized Multifamily Rural Housing with Cooperatives" paper


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