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Please select the first letter of the last name of the person you are searching for.  If you just want to browse the member list, scroll down, and you will see all the members grouped by their last name.  For more information or to add your name to the list, please contact us.

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Barton, David 
Kansas State University
Department of Agricultural Economics
305 Waters Hall
Manhattan, KS
phone: 785-532-1508
fax: 785-532-6925
E-mail David Barton

Beshear, Michelle
5500 S Quebec St
Englewood CA 80111
phone: 303-694-5810
fax: 303-224-6124
E-mail Michelle Beshear

Bhuyan, Sanjib
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
Dept. of Ag. Food and Research Economics
Room 104 Cook College Campus
New Brunswick NJ 08901
phone: 732-932-9155
fax: 732-932-8887
E-mail Sanjib Bhuyan

Boland, Michael
University of Minnesota
1994 Buford Ave
St Paul MN  55108
phone: 612-625-3013
E-mail Michael Boland

Briggeman, Brian 
Kansas State University
Department of Agricultural Economics
305 Waters Hall
Manhattan, KS
phone: 785-532-2573
fax: 785-532-6925
E-mail Brian Briggeman

Brooks, Harvey
University of Alberta
E-mail Harvey Brooks

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Carter, Thomas R.
Cooperative Development Program Coordinator
US Agency for International Development
Office of Development Partners/Private and Voluntary Cooperation
RRB 6.07-133
1300 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC  20523
phone: 202-712-5226
E-mail Thomas R. Carter

Chaddad, Fabio
Assistant Professor
Agricultural & Applied Sciences
Division of Applied Social Sciences
University of Missouri
125B Mumford Hall
Columbia MO  65211-6200
phone: 573-882-0155
fax: 573-882-3958
E-mail Fabio Chaddad

Christ, Paul
245 Indian Trail S
Afton MN 55001-9708
phone: 651-436-5754
fax: 651-436-3523
E-mail Paul Christ

Coffey, Joe
3221 Regatta Pointe Ct
Midlothian  VA  23112-4624
E-mail Joe Coffey

Cook, Michael L.
University of Missouri-Columbia
125C Mumford Hall
Columbia MO 65211
phone: 573-882-0127
fax: 573-882-3958
E-mail Michael Cook

Cotterill, Ron
University of Connecticut
Dept. of Agri & Resource Economics
1376 Storrs Rd., Young Bldg Unit 4021 
Storrs CT 06269
phone: 806-486-2742
fax: 806-486-5113
E-mail Ron Cotterill

Cropp, Robert
University of Wisconsin Center for Co-ops
230 Taylor Hall
427 Lorch Street
Madison WI 53706-1503
phone: 608-262-9483
fax: 608-262-3251
E-mail Robert Cropp

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Duft, Kenneth D.
Washington State University
Dept. of Ag Economics
PO Box 646210
Pullman WA 99164-6210
phone: 509-335-2972
fax: 509-335-1173
E-mail Kenneth Duft

Dunn, John
National Cooperative Business Association
1401 New York Ave NW Ste 1101
Washington DC 20005
phone: 202-638-6222
E-mail John Dunn


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Foltz, John
University of Idaho
Dept. of Ag. Economics/Rural Sociology
Moscow Idaho 83844
phone: 208-885-6047
fax: 208-885-5759
E-mail John Foltz

Fulton, Joan
Purdue University
Dept. of Ag Economics
1145 Krannert
West Lafayette IN 47907
phone: 765-494-0594
fax: 765-494-9176
E-mail Joan Fulton

Fulton, Murray
Johnson-Shoyama Graduate Student of Public Policy
Diefenbaker Centre
University of Saskatchewan
Saskatoon SK S7N 5B8
phone: 306-966-8507
E-mail Murray Fulton


Ginder, Roger
Iowa State University
460 Heady Hall
Ames IA 50011
phone: 515-294-6260
fax: 515-294-1700
E-mail Roger Ginder

Goldsmith, Peter
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
1301 W Gregory Dr
Urbana IL 61801
phone: 217-333-5502
fax: 217-333-5502
E-mail Peter Goldsmith

Gray, Allan
Purdue University
Dept. of Ag. Economics
558 Krannert
West Lafayette IN 47907
phone: 765-494-4323
fax: 765-494-9176
E-mail Allan Gray

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Hahn, David
Ohio State University
Dept. of Ag. Econ and Rural Sociology
2120 Fyffe Rd.
Columbus OH 43210
phone: 614-292-2642
E-mail David Hahn

Halbrook, Steve
Farm Foundation
1211 W 22nd St, Suite 216
Oak Brook IL  60523-2115
phone: 630-571-9393
fax: 630-571-9580
E-mail Steve Halbrook

Hardesty, Shermain
Extension Economist
Dept. of Ag. and Resource Economics
University of California-Davis
One Shields Avenue
Davis CA  95616
phone: 530-752-0467
fax: 530-752-5614
E-mail Shermain Hardesty

Harrison, Wes
Associate Professor
Louisiana State University
Dept. of Agricultural Economics and Ag Bus.
101 Ag Admin Building
Baton Rouge LA  70803
phone: 225-578-3282
E-mail Wes Harrison
E-mail Wes Harrison

Heffernan, Bill
University of Missouri
Dept. of Sociology
200 Mumford Hall
Columbia MO 65211
E-mail Bill Heffernan

Henehan, Brian
Cornell University
203 Warren Hall
Ithaca NY 14853
phone: 607-255-8800
fax: 607-255-9984
E-mail Brian Henehan

Hine, Sue
Colorado State University
Dept. of Ag and Resource Economics
Fort Collins CO 80523-1172
phone: 970-491-7370
fax: 970-491-2067
E-mail Sue Hine

Hogeland, Dr. Julie
USDA Rural Business-Cooperative Services
Stop 3253
1400 Independence Ave., SW
Washington DC 20250-3253
phone: 202-690-0409
E-mail Julie Hogeland

Hueth, Brent
UW Center for Cooperatives
Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics
230 Taylor Hall
427 Lorch Street
University of Wisconsin - Madison
Madison WI 53706-1503
phone: 608-890-0924
fax: 608-262-4376
E-mail Brent Hueth

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Jacobs, Keri L.
Assistant Professor and Cooperatives Extension Specialist
Iowa State University
Dept. of Economics
Ames IA 50011
phone: 515-294-6780
E-mail Keri L. Jacobs

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Keeling-Bond, Jennifer
Assistant Professor
Colorado State University
Dept. of Agricultural and Resource Economics
B329 Andrew G Clark
Fort Collins CO 80523
phone: 970-491-3299
E-mail Jennifer Keeling-Bond

Kenkel, Phil
Oklahoma State University
Dept. of Agricultural Economics
516 Ag Hall
Stillwater OK 74078-6026
phone: 405-744-9818
fax: 405-744-9835
E-mail Phil Kenkel

King, Robert
University of Minnesota
Dept. of Applied Economics
249f Claoff
St. Paul MN 55126
phone: 612-625-9732
fax: 612-625-6245
E-mail Robert King

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Lang, Mahlon

Lastoria, Fabiana C.
Economic Department
Scobey Hall Box 504
South Dakota State University
Brookings, SD 57007
phone: 605-668-4859
fax: 605-668-6386
E-mail Fabiana Lastoria

Lauck, Stephen
Business Development
Business Advisory Services
P.O. Box 5110
Denver CO 80217
phone: 303-740-4053
E-mail Stephen Lauck

Little, Randall
Mississippi State University
Dept. of Ag. Economics
Lloyd Ricks Bldg., Room 309
P.O. Box 9755
Mississippi State MS 39762
phone: 601-325-2884
fax: 601-325-0798
E-mail Randall Little

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Mark, Darrell 
Department of Agricultural Economics
303A HC Filley Hall - East Campus
PO Box 830922
University of Nebraska, Lincoln
Lincoln NE 68583-0922
phone: 402-472-1796
fax: 402-472-3460
E-mail Darrell Mark

McKee, Gregory 
Professor and Director
North Dakota State University
Quentin Burdick Center for Cooperatives
Department of Agribusiness and Applied Economics
205A Morrill Hall
Fargo ND 58105
phone: 701-231-8521
E-mail Gregory McKee

Merrett, Christopher D.
Illinois Institute for Rural Affairs
Western Illinois University
Macomb IL  61455
phone: 309-298-2281
fax: 309-298-2142
E-mail Chris Merrett

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Nelson, William J.
CHS Foundation
5500 Cenex Drive
Inver Grove Heights MN  55077
phone: 800-814-0506 ext. 2
fax: 651-355-5073
E-mail William J. Nelson

Noel, Jay E.
California Polytechnic State University
Dept. of Agribusiness
Bldg. #010, Agriculture Room 253
San Luis Obispo CA 93407
phone: 805-756-5014
fax: 805-756-5040
E-mail Jay Noel

Nooter, Robert I.
Executive Director US Overseas Cooperative Development Council
1069 West Broad Street, Suite 763
Falls Church, VA 22046
phone: 703-909-8781
E-mail Rob Nooter

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Oleson, Brian
University of Manitoba
Dept. of Ag. Economics and Farm Mgmt.
Room 359 Agriculture Bldg.
Winnipeg MB Canada R3T 2N2
phone: 204-474-9782
E-mail Brian Oleson

Onunkwo, Emmanuel
South Carolina State University
Dept. of Agribusiness and Economics
Campus P.O. Box 7354
Orangeburg SC 29447
phone: 803-536-8843
fax: 803-533-3639
E-mail Emmanuel Onunkwo

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Park, John
Texas AgriLife Extension Service
2124 TAMU
College Station, TX 77843-2124
phone: 979-845-1751
fax: 979-845-3140
E-mail John Park

Peterson, Chris
Michigan State University
Dept. of Ag Economics
2A Agriculture Hall
East Lansing MI 48824
phone: 517-355-1813
fax: 517-432-1800
E-mail Chris Peterson

Pflueger, Burton
South Dakota State University
Economics Dept
114 Scobey Hall Box 504
Brookings SD 57007
phone: 605-688-4141
fax: 605-688-6386
E-mail Burton Pflueger

Poorbaugh, Dick
Pennsylvania State University
206 Armsby
University Park PA 16802
phone: 814-863-0644
E-mail Dick Poorbaugh

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Reaves, Dixie Watts
Virginia Tech
Dept. of Ag. Economics
316 Hutcheson Hall
Blacksburg VA 24061
phone: 540-231-6153
E-mail Dixie Watts Reaves

Reynolds, Anne
University of Wisconsin Center for Co-ops
230 Taylor Hall
427 Lorch Street
Madison WI 53706-1503
phone: 608-263-4775
fax: 608-262-3251
E-mail Anne Reynolds

*Reynolds, Bruce
STOP 3253
1400 Independence Ave SW
Washington DC 20250
phone: 202-720-3694
fax: 202-690-2724
E-mail Bruce Reynolds

Richards, Timothy
Arizona State University- East Campus
Dept. of Agribusiness and Resource Mgmt.
AGB4 105
Mesa AZ 85212
phone: 480-727-1488
fax: 480-727-1510
E-mail Timothy Richards

Royer, Jeff
University of Nebraska
Dept. of Ag Economics
102 Filley Hall
Lincoln NE 68583
phone: 402-472-3401
fax: 402-472-3460
E-mail Jeff Royer

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Schmit, Todd M.
Ruth and William Morgan Assistant Professor in Applied Economics and Management
Director, Cornell Program on Agribusiness and Economic Development
Cornell University
Dept. of Applied Economics and Management
248 Warren Hall
Ithaca NY 14853-7801
phone: 607-255-3015
fax: 607-255-9984
E-mail Todd Schmit

Madeline Schultz
Iowa State University Extension
1111 NSRIC
Ames, IA 50011-3310
Office: 515-294-0588
Fax: 515-294-9496
E-mail Madeline Schultz

Sexton, Richard
University of California-Davis
Dept. of Ag. and Resource Economics
Room #2148 Social Sciences & Humanities
Davis CA 95616
phone: 530-752-4428
fax: 530-752-5614
E-mail Richard Sexton

Smith, Edward
Texas A&M University
Dept. of Ag. Economics
449D Blocker
College Station TX 77843
phone: 979-845-1751
fax: 979-845-3140
E-mail Edward Smith

Sporleder, Thomas
Ohio State University
2120 Fyffe Road Room 218
Columbus OH 43210
phone: 614-292-0315
fax: 614-292-4749
E-mail Thomas Sporleder

Stafford, Thomas
USDA - Retired
7731 Virginia Lane
Falls Church, VA  22043
phone: 703-217-4791
E-mail Thomas Stafford

Swanson, David P.
Doherty Rumble & Butler
2800 Minnesota World Trade Center
30 E. 7th St
St. Paul MN 55101-4999
phone: 651-265-4000
fax: 651-265-3900

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Thomas, William
University of Georgia
Dept. of Ag & Applied Economics
201 Conner Hall
Athens GA 30602
phone: 706-542-9081
fax: 706-542-4131
E-mail William Thomas

Thomsen, Mike
University of Arkansas
221 Agriculture Building
Fayetteville AR 72701
phone: 501-575-3932
fax: 501-575-5306
E-mail Mike Thomsen

Thompson, Sally
Department Head/Professor
Department of Agricultural Economics
Purdue University
KRAN 653
West Lafayette IN 47907-2056
phone: 765-494-4205
fax: 765-494-9176
E-mail Sally Thomopson

Thor, Eric
Professor and Director of Rural, Business, Producer and Cooperative Program
W.P. Carey Business School
Arizona State University Polytechnic Campus
7171 E Sonoran Arroyo Mall
Mesa AZ 85212
phone: 480-727-1585
cell: 602-320-4294
E-mail Eric Thor

Torgerson, Randall
1300 Tulane Drive
Alexandria VA  22307-1728
phone: 703-765-5579
E-mail Randall Torgerson

Trechter, David
University of Wisconsin-River Falls
410 S. 3rd St.
RDI Bldg.
River Falls WI 54022
phone: 715-425-3129
fax: 715-425-4479
E-mail David Trechter    

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Ufuoma, Akpoveta
4 Siluko Road,
Benin City,
Edo State,
phone: +2348038562180
E-mail Akpoveta Ufuoma    

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Van der Sluis, Evert
South Dakota State University
Dept. of Economics
138 Scobey Hall, Box 504
Brookings SD 57007
phone: 605-688-4141
E-mail Evert Van der Sluis

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Ward, Ruby
Utah State University
Economics Dept.
Room B 603
Logan UT 84322
phone: 435-797-2323
E-mail Ruby Ward

Weatherspoon, Dave
Michigan State University
Dept. of Ag. Economics
213D Agriculture Hall
East Lansing MI 48824
phone: 517-353-9850
fax: 517-432-1800
E-mail Dave Weatherspoon

Weaver, Robert
Pennsylvania State University
Dept. of Ag. Economics and Rural Sociology
207 D Armsby Building
University Park PA 16802
phone: 814-863-8632
fax: 814-865-3746
E-mail Robert Weaver

Wells, John H.
Director, Cooperative Development Division
USDA Rural Business-Cooperative Service
STOP 3254, 1400 Independence Ave., SW
Washington, DC 20250-3254
phone: 202-720-3951
fax: 202-690-2750
E-mail John Wells

Williamson, Lionel
University of Kentucky
400 Ag. Engineering Bldg.
Lexington KY 40546-0276
phone: 606-257-1637
fax: 606-257-7290
E-mail Lionel Williamson

Woods, Timothy
University of Kentucky
Dept. of Ag. Economics
402 Agricultural Engineering #2
Lexington KY 40526
phone: 859-257-7270
fax: 859-323-1913
E-mail Timothy Woods

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Zeuli, Kimberly
Assistant Professor
Dept. of Agriculture and Applied Economics
University of Wisconsin-Madison
225 Taylor Hall
Madison WI  53706-1503
phone: 608-263-3981
fax: 608-262-3251
E-mail Kimberly Zeuli

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